Our Current Location

Graceville, MN


Our mission is to provide trustworthy, qualified advice and repairs to RV owners when and where they need it most, with a top priority of our customers having no doubts about the value of our work or their satisfaction with our services.


Over 60 years combined as RV users and 14 years as RV repair technicians. Certified by the RV Technicians Association of America (RVTAA) as Certified RV Repair Technicians after the completion of the National RV Training Academy’s (NRVTA) Fundamental and Advanced RV Repair Technician courses.

See our About Us page for additional history and details.


Our approach to RV repair is simple:

  1. Understand the RV owner’s concerns and constraints.
  2. Use proof-based diagnostics to understand the root cause of any issues.
  3. Discuss the options for resolving the issue with the RV owner.
  4. Implement the approved measures.
  5. Test and verify the results.

Using this approach, the nightmare scenarios of replacing expensive parts without solving the problem, surprise cost overruns, and other unexpected outcomes are eliminated in favor of an RV owner confident in the quality and value of the work.


We get messages and calls from time to time about what we call “practical matters”. This is how we do things and tends to answer those questions (as much as they can be answered):

Trip Fees

If we are camping in an RV park with you, there is no trip fee. Otherwise, trip fees are based on travel time and any special requirements. Trip fees are not designed to be a profit center.


Our rates vary by location (some are simply more or less expensive to operate within) and are usually typical in the service area.

Emergency Calls

We do not charge extra for emergency calls. We do however reserve the right to reschedule a non-emergency call to accommodate another RVer’s emergency.

Parts and Materials

We carry a small supply of common parts which are purchased by us at retail sources. If your repair requires parts not on hand, we will help you acquire them separately.

Time and Billing

Our goal is to provide good value for our services. To help achieve good value, we bill for our “Effective Time” on the job. When the work is common (eg replace the heating element on a front access water heater), we use a shop time manual to find the standard shop hours and use them to adjust our actual time spent with consideration of any unusual circumstances (eg element is broken apart inside the tank and must be fished out). If the job is not standard (eg secure a broken awning for safe travel), we bill straight time minus any slack time (eg rest breaks, off topic chatting, researching things we should already know, etc). Again, the goal is to make sure if we were the customer, we would walk away with the impression we were treated fairly.


Reviews can be viewed or created on our Facebook page and Google Business listing. If we do work for you, please let the world know how we did!