So We Did a Thing…

Today was a big day. For months we’ve wanted to break from the daily flood of work and recovery to lay down our little patch of Internet homestead by completing our website. Finally, after months with only a heartfelt letter to our visitors serving as more than a “Coming Soon” page but less than a website, Round Two is complete!

It was probably good fortune that made it take so long because when we formed this venture, we knew we’d need a website, but the correct contents of that site did not turn out to be anything we would’ve thought of at the onset. What has been compiled here in this release is basically the answers we give to the passersby who see the sign in the windshield and stop in to ask for help or just have a chat about what we do and what it’s like to do it the way we do.

As I sit here taking my personal victory lap for finishing things up, I can’t count the times we’ve told visitors and customers how to find repair techs when we’re not around. Almost as often, we’ve recommended products or told someone where to buy a part we don’t carry with us. Of course, people want to know what we can do and what our backstory is, but our biggest fear is that one of these awesome people would someday want to talk to us and not remember how to do it.

Finally, as the situations have unfolded, we’ve met amazing people with interesting challenges worth having on record. That’s what this From the Field journal is about. It’s kind of for us, but it’s also for those who might want to get more in touch with who we are and how we do things. We hope you like it.

Safe travels,
RV Tech 4 U