Steve and Michelle after passing their Certification batteries from RVTAA.

RV Tech 4 U is a Texas LLC providing RVTAA Certified mobile RV repairs and maintenance at the customer’s site. We roam the country traveling to under-served areas to help fill the vast gap in need and schedule availability at local shops left in the wake of the “Great RV Escape”.

Brought on by the global events of 2020 and 2021 there have been record sales of RV’s, record levels of RV travel, and countless families who have moved out of their traditional sticks and bricks homes to live on the road. This trend has made the shortage of RV repair sources that existed prior to 2020 much worse.

Mobile RV repair used to be almost exclusively for “vacation rescue” cases where a problem on a trip could not be solved by going back to the dealership. Although that need still exists, mobile RV repair now serves a much more important role in keeping full-time families from being homeless while their house is suddenly treated like a recreational camper by an already overbooked shop. RV Tech 4 U was formed by two avid RVers with thousands of days on the road spanning decades, to not only make a living on the road, but also to help fill this gap.

The hands-on experience started with being camp hosts at a private campground and handling breakdowns for guests. Owning 5 rigs over the years, each with different technologies and needs, also provided plenty of opportunity to become even more skilled. Driven by a love of campers, hearing a neighbor was having “this weird thing” with their furnace/AC/fridge/levelers/etc led to more research, more practice, and more skills.

When it was finally time to make a change in our lives, we weighed our options and selected the National RV Training Academy in Athens, TX, to flesh out our skill and knowledge base. The intense hands-on experience with the widest range of technologies and specifics of the brands upon which the industry is built was exciting for us “camper geeks”.

The completion of our Advanced RV Technician courses was not only a huge feather in our cap, but a truly impressive expansion of our capabilities. We passed the RV Technician Association of America’s certification exam, which is a day-long combination of written tests and demonstrated skill labs, with flying colors. This step was very important to us because we have paid good money to a bad tech just like everyone else. We wanted proof for ourselves and our future customers that we would not be “that guy”.

Stay safe out there!
RV Tech 4 U