Stuff You Might Find Useful

The links provided here are things we either use often or seem useful. Obligatory Disclaimer: Most of them are not affiliated with us and, of course, we can’t vouch for the information they provide unless otherwise noted.

  • RV Owners Home Study Course from NRVTA

    We completely endorse NRVTA. Our own experience there was a game changer. We tell everyone about their at-home study course for RV Owners designed to teach an owner how to solve about 80% of their own RV issues without needing an RV Tech. Check it out here:

  • TSD Logistics Fuel Card

    We’ve saved almost $100 on a single fill up with this fuel card, but that’s not the only thing great about it. If you’ve ever tried the big truck fuel lanes, you know a regular credit card won’t work there. The Open Roads card is a real fleet card most pumps will take. There’s also an app to tell you all the prices and where to find them. Please tell them Michelle Mendelsohn sent you so we can get the $15 referral:

  • Trip Planning

  • Specialized Sources

    We send customers to these outside sources of services.

    • Custom Cylinders International – We saved $800 by having one of our “nonrepairable” hydraulic leveling jacks repaired here. We traveled to them and even parked in their lot for two nights. They’re great folks and incredibly skilled. They cut our sealed jack apart, rebuilt it with all new seals, and welded it back together. When they were done, it was literally like brand new. If there had been other problems in the cylinder, say a bent rod, they could’ve fixed that too. RVers normally ship their hydraulic slideout and leveling cylinders to them from all over the world. They fix them and ship them back. They also repair valves and pumps. UPDATE: We shipped another jack from our own motorhome to them from Pahrump, NV, for repair. They fixed it and returned it in perfect working order. That makes two great experiences with them!
  • Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping

    One of the best parts of RVing is being able to cook meals anywhere you go. If you’re on vacation, it frees up a ton of money for other activities (or just reduces the budget in general). The challenge is the limited space for groceries in an RV. If you’ve met us in person, you probably heard us rave about how we use Plan to Eat to always have the right materials on hand and the right plan in place. It does so much, you’ll just have to check it out, but the basics are you drag and drop your favorite meals onto a calendar and out pops the perfect shopping list to cook your meals. Use our affiliate link for a 20% discount.